Grace Newton, age 13

13 Dec, 2022

This book is really good and I enjoyed reading it. I think it is very relatable to what happens in daily life. I also think the characters are very true to life.

Ruby Magnus, age 13

29 Dec, 2022

I really enjoyed the book and love how it shows real life struggles like bullying and struggling to eat that young children go through but are too scared to speak up about it. It is really inspiring and I would definitely recommend it.

Laila Wallace, age 10

05 Jan, 2023

Everyone knows a Demelza Rice! An inspiring and relatable story about overcoming your fears when faced with a mean school bully and how things are not always as they seem... One of my favourite parts of the book is when Sophie overcomes her fears and stands up for herself, which is an empowering moment for her and anyone reading this book who may be experiencing something similar themselves. I really liked the funny character names such as Justin Case and Hazel Nutt and would recommend this book to my friends!

Bookends manager Ellen Cammack

10 Jan, 2023

Mean Girls meets Judy Blume in this contemporary children's drama. Heroine Sophie Miller already feels seriously uncool, no thanks to her toe-curlingly embarrassing family. But things are about to get worse at her new school, when the formidable bully Demelza Rice and her Demelzites start gunning for her. Demelza Rice is Not Very Nice is a clever, funny and relatable tale about not fitting in, by an exciting new talent in teenage fiction.


Sunderland woman bullied at school releases first book to inspire other young people to be themselves

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