Sarah Millington

Sarah Millington

Sarah Millington is a former magazine editor and award winning journalist with more than twenty years' experience. She lives in the North East of England with her husband, two daughters and dog. This is her first novel.

Blue splat
Purple splat

Demelza Rice

is not very nice

Sophie Miller knows she’s not cool and is dreading starting secondary school. Her worst fears prove founded when she’s targeted by bully Demelza Rice on her first day. To add to her problems, her family are seriously embarrassing. As Sophie struggles to stand up to her enemy, everything seems to unravel. Feeling desperate, she acts out of character and lands herself in trouble, but the question is, will she be brave enough when it really matters?

This is a story that proves it’s OK to be different and shows that with a little help from friends and family you can achieve anything.

Demelza Rice is not very nice

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